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University Lab Director Britton Thinks Hes Tone Deaf But Discovers He Can Sing Instantly & Magically For The First Time Right in Front of You.

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Multimedia Training Resources
MP3 Audio Tips...
  • Presentation Power Audio Introduction... The Importance of Exercising Your Voice - 02:56 min
Short Video Coaching Clips...
Tips to Take Care of & Warm up the Body & Voice...
  • Practical Do's & Don'ts for Optimum Vocal Performance - 03:56 min
  • Simple Self-Massage & Tongue Tension Release Stretches for Better Articulation - 03:44 min
  • Quick Body & Voice, Presentation or Public Speaking Warm Up - 08:15 min
  • Discover the Fundamentals of Effective & Powerful Breathing - 02:25 min
  • Relaxation & Release... Easy Exercises to Reduce Tension in the Tongue & Temporal Mandibular Joints - 03:56 min
Tips for Star Style & Charismatic Communication...
  • Discover How You Can to Be More Exciting When You Speak & Make your Words Come Alive - 05:37 min
  • Make a Fantastic 1st Impression & Be More Charismatic - 02:27 min
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