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"Deborah has spent a lifetime mastering the art of magnificent communication. Now, she has taken her incredible wisdom and turned it into fun, uplifting and easy to follow exercises that you - and your children - can enjoy. Deborah has helped me a lot - let her help you, too! Invest in yourself and learn to love Expressing YOU!"

Ron Kaufman, World's leading educator and motivator for customer service and building service cultures. Bestselling author of Uplifting Service and founder of UP Your Service!®


"Deborah Torres Patel is the BEST voice coach in Asia. Having personally worked with voice coaches in North America, I thought there would not be too much I could still learn. I was WRONG! She helped me immensely with a stress related problem, saving my voice and giving me a more powerful delivery. Her simple yet practical exercises I use EVERYTIME before I present and they really, really work. She is THE voice professional in Asia."

Michael A. Podolinsky, 25 year full-time professional speaker and trainer,
Pearson Prentice Hall author of Mining For Gold and 10 other books on personal and professional development.


"Thanks to Deborah, I stopped getting knots in my stomach whenever I spoke in Public.Now I'm much more self-assured when I present and I am free to focus on what I do best."

Dr. Theresa Chew, President & CEO Expressions International


"I took part in the Toastmasters International's Table Topics Speech Contest (an impromptu speech contest). Before the contest began, I lost my voice. I tried drinking a lot of water and it did not seem to help much. A few minutes before my turn to speak, while in the quarantine room, I started to do the various warming up exercises that Deborah taught us, including exercises involving the tongue, jaw, cheeks, neck, shoulders and hands. When I started my speech, my voice came out very naturally and it was a great feeling! I could have talked all night!"

Jacob Gan, Associate Professor,
Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)


"Deborah helped me tremendously with my powerful stage performance. She taught me how to be more expressive with my body, voice and movement. Amazingly, during the first session, I even learned how to sing - that is a miracle!"

Datuk Maznah Hamid, Executive Chairman Securiforce Group,
entrepreneur, educator, author, radio & TV personality


"Deborah has a gift for motivating people. Ms. Torres Patel is one of the most versatile professionals I've ever come across. She has a terrific and unstoppable attitude... Deborah gives her all... and inspires others to do the same."



"I worked with Deborah on an important project for one of our clients... We needed expert help to direct and produce a two-day internal communications event... She worked closely with me and my team to design the content for both elements of the event, including motivational exercises, team-building activities and entertainment. She acted as Master of Ceremonies on both days, serving as a focal point for the participants.

Deborah also directed and produced video coverage of the event, choreographed a group of client staff in the creation of a song and dance number and then edited the video into a professional finished product. Because of her technical knowledge, she managed to produce the entire video for considerably less than any other quote we had obtained, helping us bring the event in below budgeted cost.

Her hard work, creativity and commitment were key factors in ensuring the two day event was a complete success.

Managing Director - BURSON-MARSTELLER (Hong Kong)

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