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"I would like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to Deborah for providing us with the techniques to express ourselves freely and openly. I really enjoyed the sessions."

Derrick Ang, Research Associate,
School of Materials Science & Engineering, NTU

"When I first came in contact with Ms. Torres Patel she was already a prominent vocal coach in Los Angeles, a spokesperson... and involved in programs to make persons in responsible positions more effective in their communications, presentation, and productivity. She helped me with my presentation - improving my wardrobe and how to be effective in my classes. The self-confidence that this training gave me led me to being appointed Chair of the Business and Administration Specialization at UCLA. Deborah is highly intelligent, dynamic and inspiring... She is a person of great integrity."

George Murphy - Emeritus Professor, UCLA (Los Angeles)

"Deborah is an awesome speaker, trainer, and entertainer! I have contracted her for various projects over the last eight years. She has extensive knowledge of international culture due to the fact that she has worked in over sixty countries... Ms. Torres Patel is great with people of all races and religions. She always manages to make friend wherever she goes and has a true gift of diplomacy."


"Deborah is conspicuously impressive...!"

Boston Globe

University Lab Director Britton thinks he's tone deaf but discovers he can sing instantly & magically for the first time right in front of you.

Graeme Britton said, "Excellent course - I did not realise there was so much technique involved in the art of speaking. Very, very useful. Also a lot of fun"

Witness his vocal breakthrough by clicking here.

"Thank you so much for your website, www.ExpressingYou.com, it is a great. I also find some communication skills. All the best!"

Professor Britton Discovers He Can Sing!

"I have been using your voice warm up cd for a while and with great fun! I really like to thank you for such a great product!"

Ellen Bok

"I have done your fear of public speaking warm up exercises and they helped! Your training system gives me more confidence and control."

Frederick Bigler

"Deborah's class was time well spent! I did a call negotiating with a supplier in Australia and I used some of the techniques she taught me like speaking slower, smile, relaxed, and in no hurry to close the deal.... I can tell you it worked! Our call lasted only for 15 minutes and he agreed to most of my requests - which is surprising to me because a call like that can take hours!"

Nancy Quek, Procurement Manager

"Thank you for fantastic talk during the National Achievers Congress in KL last week. I truely enjoy it and learn something from it. You presentation skills and your commucation with the audience is fantastic. Thank You."


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